Getting The Facts

Breast reduction is plastic surgery that aims to reduce excess fat, skin, and breast tissue. Many women are not content with their breasts and this can be for a host of different reasons. For some, there is a lot of excess fat that is coming in the way. A trained plastic surgeon is able to provide quality, aesthetic finishing that will ensure the patient is satisfied. Yet, there are so many factors to consider including financial costs. How much does breast reduction cost? Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of breast reduction and what it entails for a women getting it.

Types of Breast Reduction

Image courtesy of under CC0 License

Image courtesy of under CC0 License

Before looking at the cost, it is important to understand the various kinds of breast reduction.

Vertical Incision” method is when the incision is made downwards. This is done until the crease at the bottom of the breast is met.

The Anchor” method is done by making an incision underneath the breast, horizontally. This is different to the vertical method because of the change in direction and the size of the incision. This is done when the surgeon requires complete access to the breast tissue.

The Pedicle” method is the final one available to the plastic surgeon. This is done in a circular motion and is usually one that is least scarring.

The plastic surgeon aims to use the right technique in order to get the best possible results for the patient. This is decided after the assessment is made, and so is the final amount that you will have to pay.


How much does the procedure cost for those interested in getting it? This is a question that most individuals ask before moving forward. After all, one’s budget will often put constraints on the amount of options one has.

Plastic surgery is not always inexpensive and neither is breast reduction. Usually, the costs range from $5,000 to $8,000 depending on the case and the plastic surgery.

While contemplating the fees, it is essential to understand the additional fees that can start to add up. These fees include things such as medication, tests, and garments that might be required post-surgery.

The fees that are processed will usually be divided into three sections. These sections are the surgeon’s fees, center fee, and the anaesthesia fee.

When going through the breast reduction fees, it is important to understand the variations that can come from complications. Each patient has their own requirements from the case in hand. The plastic surgeon will always look to provide details on the costs in relation to the patient’s requirements.

Each surgical facility will have its own fees because of their level of experience and quality. Many surgeons look to charge their fees based on experience. These fees can also differentiate across cities and states.

It is important to understand that costs are also not covered by insurance plans. This is the case with most plastic surgery procedures as this is a cosmetic option and not a medical one. If a physician is able to diagnose physical pain with breast size, it can be covered by insurance. Each case is different.